November 19, 2006

Compromisanity Today

Christianity Today calls itself, "a magazine of evangelical conviction." The problem is, however, that by the look of the church leaders they highlight, the advertisers they accept, and the positions they take editorially, they are not plugged into the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. If they were, they wouldn’t put money and influence above truth and holiness.

In fact, it would be easy for any Spirit-filled Bible believer to discern that CT is one of the leading publications spreading apostasy and disloyalty to the One Whose name they choose to market and drag through the mud.

For instance, in just one week they published on their web edition two articles that demonstrate their total lack of discernment. The first one, a book review of "Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation," posted November 11, 2006, was reviewed by Patricia Raybon, an award-winning writer and retired journalism professor.

Raybon wrote, "Theologian Martin Laird offers a roadmap to this practice of silence and God-awareness with warmth and reason. Like many trained in Christian contemplative practice, Laird is a Roman Catholic, of the Order of St. Augustine those charged by Pope John Paul II to be ‘teachers of the interior life’."

It is nothing new for CT to promote Catholicism, which has always been their ecumenical position. But this is a blatant endorsement of the mysticism of Catholicism that has infiltrated evangelicalism and become more of a fad recently via the popularity of the Emergent Church. Raybon concluded, "Through anecdote, Scripture, and classic wisdom, Laird illuminates a Christian path into the silent land. An able guide, he makes the trip more than worth the journey." This trip to the naval gazing inner self is the beginning of "the journey" to apostasy and new age spirituality.

The other article that CT posted to their web edition on November 10, 2006, was written by Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, an institution famous for their denial of the inerrancy of scripture, which preceded their decline into post-modernism and apostasy from the truth. Mouw recently made the Christian news headlines when he spoke at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City and apologized on behalf of the evangelical church for labeling them as the cult they are. (See this link for background.)

Mouw’s latest contribution to CT was called, "Shoot-First Apologetics," his revisionist recollection of a story he heard told by the late Walter Martin, author of "The Kingdom of the Cults." It was a pitiful defense for his style of [non]evangelism in dialoguing with Mormons. He used Martin’s little story about a hunter accidentally shooting a bluebird when he was aiming for the bird’s tormentor, a grackle. Martin apparently had used the story as a cautionary note to look carefully at a group’s teachings before jumping to conclusions and falsely labeling them a cult.

Certainly, the principle is true, but not in the case of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Martin, as well as a host of other Bible scholars and apologists, have studied their teachings very carefully and have rightfully identified them as a non-Christian cult. This was a sick attempt by Mouw to use Walter Martin as an ally when he is not around to defend himself. In fact, Mouw is on the record as saying that Walter Martin misrepresented Mormonism in his writings [see link]

He certainly can’t claim Walter Martin as an ally.

Follow the Money

It is despicable that CT would give this unreasonable liberal a national platform. Yet it is not surprising. In CT’s October, 2006 50-Year Anniversary issue, just from a cursory look it is obvious that CT’s Board has little or no biblical standards. They are all about popular Christendom and that is market-driven.

The advertisements in this issue of CT illustrate this fact. Those who bought full page or even two page spreads are a litany of blind leaders of the blind. They include these ads:

  • Pages 14-15 – "Dr. Robert H. Schuller presents Faith Forward: a mentoring symposium for the generations; a defining moment for the faith – classic//contemporary//emerging." The list of speakers that the ad identifies as "pastors, leaders, thinkers, dreamers" include Emergent Church wolves such as Leonard Sweet and Chris Seay. Inner Healer and promoter of new age style visualization and contemplative practices, Dennis Peacocke. And Australia’s own Brian Houston who has imported every foul religious fad from our country to his to lead Australian Christians onto the broad road to destruction.
  • Page 2 – Invervarsity Press ad for several books including "Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence by" Ruth Haley Barton. Another book teaching and promoting the Catholic mystical practice of eastern style meditation.
  • Page 34 – "Multiplication Leadership Pastor’s Summit," a conference featuring well-known pastors and their wives. This includes a mixed bag of speakers such as Ted and Gayle Haggard (though I’m sure they have been cut from the program), Jack and Anna Hayford (TBN’s Paul & Jan Crouch’s pastor), Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty (you know them from their association with Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland), John and Diana Hagee (TBN regular, Copeland’s guest this week on his program). Other speakers who don’t seem to care who they join with are more respectable (though my respect for them just plummeted) such as Max and Denalyn Lucado, Tony and Lois Evans and Jack and Kay Arthur. – Yes, you heard me, Kay Arthur, author of the Inductive Study Bible.
  • Page 77 – full page ad paid for by Navpress, highlighting the latest product connected with Eugene Peterson’s Message Bible a paraphrase that changes the meaning of God’s Word. This latest book is called "The Daily Message," with the slogan "Make it a part of your daily life."

Bible-believing Christians should cancel their subscriptions to Christianity Today and let them know why. I will keep my subscription going, as I subscribe to other publications that promote error, in order to track the apostasy that is currently underway.


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