January 23, 2001


Pastor Greg Laurie
Harvest Christian Fellowship
6115 Arlington Ave
Riverside, CA. 92504

Dear Pastor Laurie:

I am gathering documentation to write a book about the dangers posed to the church by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). I am hoping you would grant me a telephone interview so that I can get your views as to why you allow TBN to broadcast your Harvest Crusades.

I know that while your crusade airs, the TBN logo is on the screen and their telephone number appears at the bottom of the screen. I've tested this out and discovered that when we've called in while your broadcast was on, asking for a church in the area, "one that teaches like Pastor Laurie,' we've been referred to a Word/Faith congregation or an Assemblies of God church. And we've done this on four separate occasions. The result is always the same. Never have we been referred to a Calvary Chapel.

Here's a brief statement of my current work in progress:

Purpose of the book-- to show that TBN is seen in all the warnings about false teachers in the last days and how what they are building is "in advance of the landing" before the antichrist comes on the scene. They are preparing the way for the false prophet and the antichrist, reconditioning the church and changing Christianity into a syncretistic entity that is no longer recognizable as the historic faith -- TBN is possibly setting the stage for the antichrist and false prophet to be accepted and give them a vehicle for global communications. Of course, if the church wakes up and stands up to TBN, the true Bride of Christ will be able to restrain them from fulfilling this role, unless it's the Lord's will since He does raise up vessels for dishonorable use to fulfill His purposes in His timing.

So would you be willing to talk with me for the record? Please advise me of a time in which I could call and I will try not to take up too much of your time. I believe it is of vital importance.

Yours for the cause of Christ,



Mrs. Jackie Alnor